Scott Wolf Teams Up with Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Nothing But Nets to Fight HIV and Malaria in Malawi

by Nicole Sands for

Scott Wolf is using his star power to spread the word and combat HIV and malaria — two debilitating diseases that, combined, cause more than 2 million deaths each year.

Joining the partnership between Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Nothing But Nets, the world’s largest grassroots campaign fighting malaria, the actor has been fortunate enough to assist in raising funds for a system of five GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Health Clinics that offer holistic healthcare to communities in southern rural Malawi.

“These mobile health clinics were able to reach people in parts of that country that would otherwise be unreachable,” says Wolf about the importance of the clinics in Malawi, which is home to about 675,000 people who face extreme poverty and an inadequate health infrastructure.

“People would have to walk tens of thousands of miles to receive any sort of adequate healthcare, but because these mobile health clinics are able to reach out and get close to them, suddenly there’s life saving and preventative treatment for people and their families that was so incredibly impactful and appreciated,” he adds.

Not only has the actor found love in tackling global health issues, but he also met the love of his life, wife Kelley Limp, in 2002 when he first started lending his hand to make a difference.