Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandchildren Continue Her Fight

By Liz McNeil
April 14,2015

Following in their grandmother’s footsteps, five of Elizabeth Taylor’s ten grandchildren traveled to Washington D.C. Monday to participate in AIDS Watch, an annual advocacy event where people from all over the country meet with members of Congress to discuss the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Taylor’s grandchildren – Naomi deLuce Wilding, 40, Laela Wilding, 43, Tarquin Wilding, 25 (all children of Taylor’s son Michael Wilding), Eliza Carson (daughter of Maria Burton-McKeown), 32, and Quinn Tivey (son of Liza Todd Tivey, Taylor’s third husband Michael Todd’s daughter), 28, – are all ambassadors for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, participated in honor of their glamorous grandmother’s longtime advocacy work.

On April 13, the five presented New York Democrat Congressman José Serrano with the Inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Legislative Leadership Award in recognition of his work supporting needle exchange programs, one of Taylor’s passions.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Taylor’s activism on behalf of people with HIV and AIDS. Now the next generation vows to carry on her fight.

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