Elizabeth Taylor – Actress to Activist

In honor of what would have been Elizabeth Taylor’s 85th birthday on February 27th, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation released a short video today to celebrate her legacy. The video reflects on one of the most unforgettable figures of the big screen, diving into Elizabeth Taylor’s unique and multifaceted fame, and the path that led her to become one of the most powerful activists of all time.

The video is narrated by philanthropist, artist, and actress Miley Cyrus, a nod to their shared experiences growing up in the public eye. As child actresses, both women lived lives captured by headlines and chose to use their platforms to advocate fearlessly for the rights of the most marginalized communities.

Elizabeth Taylor’s close friend, Kathy Ireland, for whom she was a mentor in creating her firm, kathy ireland® WorldWide (kiWW®), has pledged kiWW’s matching donations to ETAF up to $100,000 “to carry forward this most compassionate woman’s dedication to those impacted by HIV and AIDS.”

Elizabeth Taylor reminds us that our lives are shaped by our passion and courage to channel every ounce of ourselves into all that we do. We hope this video inspires you to become your own firebrand. Donate to ETAF in honor of our founder’s birthday and double your impact on the fight against AIDS.